Kirjoittaja Aihe: Buddhist teaching on Natural Heroism: How to cultivate warrior mind?  (Luettu 649 kertaa)


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"Being a practitioner is: having the courage to face yourself at all times; exploring the open space of the unknown with eyes wide open; allowing fear to be an ornament of the journey into vastness; not compromising; being strong in view and promise; forgetting yourself and whatever defines you; and, being beneficial to everyone, everything, and everywhere. How to cultivate warrior mind. Without warrior mind you will never look further then your own comfort zone and therefore never discover reality. This event will show you how to deal with life with your eyes wide open.”
Lama Bar-ché Ying-rig Dorje

Lama Bar-ché Dorje will explore the subject of 'Natural Heroism' in an easygoing, to the point kind of manner. Feeling ourselves a mind warrior in all our life circumstances is a quality that we all need on our path of liberation. There is no other way.

Time: Sunday 9 October, at 11:00-14:00
Location: Fysioacusa, Koroistentie 6 A, Helsinki

Recommended donation 25€, for unemployed 20€

Registration and additional information: Lassi Immonen, tel. +358 40 5124320,