Kirjoittaja Aihe: Buddhism Beyond the Monastery: Ngala Rig'dzin Dorje in Rovaniemi 17.11.2011  (Luettu 2131 kertaa)

Aro Gar

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Buddhism Beyond the Monastery
The lives & methods of the yogis and yoginis

Illustrated with a slideshow of Himalayan art
Talk with Rig´dzin Dorje

Thursday 17.11.2011

Rovaniemen kansalaisopisto
The auditorium of Rovala, Rovala 5 (Jokkatie 26)
Rovaniemi, Finland

The essential message of the accomplished Buddhist meditators, the Mahasiddhas, lies beyond time and culture. While retaining the authentic essence of Buddhist practice, their way of life branched off from the Buddhist monastic community more than two thousand years ago, to integrate with every variety of life circumstances. Thus it remains as relevant now as it has been in every epoch.

Free of charge

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